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Learn all about the history of Veteran's at VFW Origins of Veteran's Day and Veteran's Day , or see why we celebrate Veteran's Day at A Tribute to USA Veterans

Want to know how to correctly fold a flag, or have questions about locating Veteran's agencies? Go find it at Veteran's Day Resource Guide

See the various tributes of all of the branches of the military throughout history at Military History

See how the African-American troops contributed to the US military since the 18th century at Lest We Forget

To learn more about what the US Civil War was all about, check out Civil War Home Page

For a comprehensive resourceful guide to WWI, look at WWI - The Great War - The Western Front

Listen to the "Day of Infamy" and other speeches at Radio in WWII

Want to learn about the various branches of the military and their duties during WWII? Go to US Maritime Service, HyperWar, and US Army

To get resourceful facts about WWII Veterans, check out WWII Veterans Website

Look through the eyes of and review the memories of the soldiers and civilians were there and experienced it all firsthand at WW2 Preservation Society and A Fighter Pilot's Story

Was your father killed in WW2? Then find consolation and resourceful information through WWII Orphan Network

Trying to get your dad's story about WW2, but don't know quite where to begin? Go to Dad's War

We can do it! And they did! See how women contributed to WWII at Women at War, Women Come To The Front and What Did You Do In The War, Grandma?

For all the men and women who have served honorably in the U.S. Armed Forces, Reserves, or National Guard on or after September 15, 1940, go to AMVETS

To get first-person account facts from US soldiers in the Korean War try Examining the Korean War

Check out images of the Vietnam War at The Vietnam War

To get more information about the Vietnam War, contact Veterans of the Vietnam War

Send your soldier a VE Day holiday greeting card at Virtual Cyber Electronic Cards

Keep in contact with today's soldiers at SOS-Support Our Soldiers


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