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Who was St. Valentine and what does this day have to do with the expression of love? Find out the origin, traditions and symbols of Valentine's Day at Who was St. Valentine? or Symbols of Love

Wish to express you innermost feelings to your sweet, but don't know how? Never fear, help is near! Let Cyrano do it for you!

If you love someone, them tell them! Learn to say "I Love You" in many different langauges at The Love Web

Do you consider yourself a player? Is love just a game to you? Then choose your weapon but always play by the rules at The Mystery Match Game or test your love knowledge at The Love Test

Do your loved ones have a sweet-tooth? Give the gift that they could really sink their teeth into. Learn how to prepare Valentine's Day goodies at Valentine Be Mine!, Desserts: Candy Recipes, and Towanda's Valentine Recipes, GetSuckered, or buy it online at CandyDirect

To get the sweet truth about candy, go to Candy USA

Feel like serenading to the apple of your eye? Then find the right song at SongFile, or lyrics
at But if all else fails, go ahead and send them a TuneMail

Making dinner for two? Why not make reservations for a Valentines Day meal at Food for Love or Seeing Red

Thinking about proposing? Don't be a a loss for words - search for the right lines at Propose Marriage Online or Wedding Proposal Idea Gallery

Ready to tie the knot? Then go to, A Little White Wedding Chapel, or Wedding Cam

Don't have a date because you're in the doghouse? Then vindicate yourself with Mark's Apology Note Generator

Trying to find a date in all the wrong places? Try One-and-Only

Grab your sweetheart and find a lover's getaway at RoMaNtic Getaways, and Honeymoons Inc.

Want to write a book about love? See how to become a writter of romance at Romance Central

Do you love him/her so much that words cannot express how you feel? Then Say It With Flowers, or contact 1800FLOWERS

Make that proposal official by choosing the right rock at WorldDiamonds, and at Engagement Diamond

For all you chocolate lovers, go to Godiva Chocolates, and The Chocolate Lovers Page

Want to hear something good about love? Read about it at True Stories about True Love and

Feel going out on a blind date? Well get to know someone first at
Romance Online chat or eHarmony

Send a heart-felt greeting to a secret admirer at, MasterSite Valentine's eCards

There is love on the air at Lovelife Radio

Happy Valentines Day !

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