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Learn all about the history of how Thanksgiving Day came to be at The Pilgrims and Why do American's really celebrate Thanksgiving or try the quiz at Thanksgiving Tradition & History

See the America's museum of Pilgrim possessions at The Pilgrim Hall Museum

Everything you always wanted to know about baking a turkey but was afraid to ask...! Check it out at EatTurkey

Learn how to prepare healthy Thanksgiving dinner recipes at ThanksGivingRecipes and ButterBall

How about some low fat Thanksgiving recipies at Anita Epler's Very Low-Fat Thanksgiving Dinner

Ready for desserts? Try the pumpkin pie at Pumpkin Nook and Pumpkin Patch and Pie Recipes

Even if you are a vegitarian you can enjoy a Thanksgiving Dinner, see VegWeb or All Recipes

Keep your elbows off of the table...! Learn better table manners at American Table Manners

Want to check out the football game after dinner? Tune into Sportsline, or Sports Illustrated

Would you believe that the Wild Turkey was almost chosen as the U.S. mascot? Find out how at Turkey Trivia

Gobble, gobble, gooble! Can you beat Tom Turkey at his own game? Go to Grand Turkey Hunt

To make your day, how about some Thanksgiving Music or Thanksgiving Jokes and Riddles

Don't forget the holiday decorations at or Family Fun

Aren't you thankful that you are not a turkey? Write thankful thoughts to your friends and loved one's at MasterSite's Thanksgiving eCards

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