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MasterSite Survey

MasterSite is the best place to find anything on the Internet.

And to keep it that way, we want to know what you think... Please take a few moments to fill out this survey. MasterSite is on the move and we really do want to know what you think.

1. How often do you use MasterSite?
I use MasterSite times per day times per week times per month.
2. What features do you like or use the most at MasterSite?
3. What features do you dislike or use the least at MasterSite?
4. Since MasterSite has visitors from over 120 countries what country are you from?
5. What features do you think should be added to MasterSite?
Free Email
Chat Rooms
Personal Ads
Classified Ads
Custom News
Expanded Search Capabilities
Custom Weather
On-Line Stores
6. How are we doing, your comments please

7. How did you locate

Other Search Engine
Link from other site
Been using it for a while
8. I you wish to leave your name and email address, we'll send you the results of the survey and notify you of any upcoming changes.
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