MasterSite charges to add URLs to our Database**. URLs are checked for appropriate content then added to our database and available for searches.

Finally, a search engine that is not full of junk pages. By reviewing each page, we ensure that your site is not up against thousands of bogus pages sent by the (relentless) spammers. Take a look at the other search engine results and you will see that many of the pages are not what they should have been.

Acceptance Criteria

1. Sites promoting adult or "illegal" activity in the US will not be accepted.
2. Pages will not be accepted that have meta refresh tags or other means which exist solely to forward you to another page. This includes doorway and gateway pages.

** Waiver of the fee can be made for nonprofit or educational sites on a case by case basis.

The process is simple, just fill out the following form and we will process your order. You will be notified when your URL has been added.

Cost is only $19.95 (USD) per year per URL. We will provide volume discounts for multiple pages upon request. Just email the webmaster for volume discounts.

This a great deal as is searched by thousands.

Pay with PayPal - fast, easy, secure

Enter your URL that we will be adding

NOTE: Where it says "Add special instructions for the Merchant" you can suggest a short description for your site.

Important Notes:

1. This is for One Years service. Service is defined as available in the database of MasterSite for searches. No other service is expressed or implied. At the end of the year you will be given an opportunity to renew.
2. There are no refunds of any kind.


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