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Find out the origin, traditions and customs of how the New Years Day is celebrated worldwide at Happy New Year! and Annie's New Years History Page , Web Holidays or at New Year's Day

Are you ready to party? Then get set for a party at, or FirstNight

Will you be where it's at when the clock strikes midnight? Don't miss out - check out the New Year's WebCam via internet, and see the coming New Year worldwide!

Would you like to give to a good cause for the coming new year? Check out the Millenium Children's Final Hour Appeal

New Years is the time for a new beginning! Choose a resolution at Resolution Picker

How much do you really know about the world's most celebrated holiday? Found out at New Year's Quiz

To get the best tips for the Millenin travel getaways and other events worldwide, tune into, Milleninally Themed Family Vacation, Avoiding Travel Scams

Preparing your New Year's Day menu? Check out New Year's Recipes, Recipezaar Holidays-New Years Recipes and Fabulous Foods

If you are looking for non-alcoholic drinks, try The Webtender or Recipes For Non-Alcoholic Beverages

If you happen to have a few drinks too many and no designated driver, you had better consult with Intoximeters, The Global Hangover Guide or Hangover Helper

Plan to watch the game on New Years Day? Go to Tournament of Roses

How bout some Fun Stuff to do on New Years at New Year's Funology

To sing the songs of a new year, tune into The Holiday Zone's-New Years Eve Songs

See how children worldwide celebrate the New Year at Multi-Cultural Calendar New Year

Ring in the New Year with a bang at the MasterSite New Year's eCard page


Happy New Year !

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