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Learn all about the history of how Labor Day was formed at History of Labor Day, A Short History of American Labor and U.S.-DOL: The History of Labor Day

Thinking about starting up your own company? Go to Small Business Association

To hear music and to view union art go to Hard Miles Music

For information about the democratic labor movement, go to LaborNet

For a list of strikes, try the Cyber Picket Line

For a list of links on union related articles and activities, try UNIONISM, or

To see history of negative workplace incidents, go to An Eclectic List of Events in US Labor History

To find out where the hub of the Labor Day traffic is occurring, go to or TrafficSafety

Learn more about the prospective state of affairs of the work force in the coming new century at FutureWork

To learn more about making sure your job is a good fit, go to Ergonomics

To search for a good healthcare provider, go to healthfinder

Thinking about retiring? Then get the facts at Consumer Information on Pension Benefits

Not sure what your job preference is? Try Career Development Manual

If you're interested in preparing today's youth for the competitive workforce, go to the School-to-Work

Want to take the family out to an unforgettable picnic? Try AdventurePicnics

For the best in hot sizzling barbeque grilling, try The Lexington Collection, The Barbeque Bible, BBQTV or Barbeque'n On The Internet

Help to provide older individuals with the opportunities to learn, work and serve others at Green Thumb

Don't work up a sweat to meet with friends, send them a e-card at MasterSite e-Cards

Happy Labor Day!

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