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Kid's Place

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The first place to start looking for kids games and software is at Kids Software

One fun place you might also want to visit is Mr. Edible Starchy Tuber Head Another fun place you can find on-line games is Addventure

There is always something nice to look at Disney so head off to The Disney Site

Still not enough Disney? Try the links at Yesterland

For a free on-line magazine by kids for kids, try CyberKids

You could even get your own art published at Kid's Corner

For a little science fun, try Global Show and Tell  

You can also search this Science site for answers. Search The Why Files & Kids Astronomy

If you have any math questions, then go see Dr. Math

For the young writers out there, a must place to visit is the Children's Writing Resource Center

And you may want to see the neat stories already published at CyberKids

And if you like to read stories of all kinds, try Absolutely Whootie: Stories to Grow By

There is always something new to learn at Discovery Channel On-line and Webschooling

If music is your thing, then head on over to Addicted to Noise   If comic books are your thing, you must visit Jonah Weiland's Comic Book Resources

For all kinds of information and fun, try the digital library for school kids at Kids Web

Why not be daring and use the Web Search Engine just for kids at Yahooligans!
Just type in what you are looking for and press the button.


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