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Learn all about the haunting history of Halloween at Origins of Halloween and The Story of Halloween

Bored with just wearing a sheet over your head? Find innovative ways to create your own costume at Costume Idea Zone

Want to be the one unique face in the crowd this year? Step out in style at The Halloween Mart

Do you want you kids to get treats and not tricks? Find refuge in Halloween Safety or have them to play a safety game at Halloween Safety Rules

Where is that blood-curdling scream coming from? Dare to enter the haunted houses at your own risk . . . Haunted America

Planning a monster-bash, cusine for a one-eyed, one-horned, purple people-eater? Search for recipes at Holiday:Halloween Recipes, Cookie Recipes & Candy Recipes and GetSuckered

Want to send a spooky Halloween greeting or party invitation? Check out MasterSite's Halloween eCards

Trying to make your yard look like the Addam's Family's next door neighbor? Get ghoulish decor ideas at Halloween Make-up

Does your Halloween costume character have a face that only a mother could love? Learn the art of realistic make-up at Special Effect Make-up

Need some creepy background music for your Halloween set-up? Here music that could wake up the dead at Scary Halloween Sounds

How many goblins does it take to carve a pumpkin? Find out how at the Pumpkin Nook

Where else can you eat wormy apples, cobweb cookies and drink dragon's blood punch except at Ghastly Goodies

Are you considering retreating from the haunting Halloween traditions? Why not look at Halloween Alternatives, Let's Celebrate or Not? or Annie's Alternative Ideas for Halloween

Do you dare to walk past the graveside at night? Then go to Find-A-Grave

Want to get a head start on Halloween "tricks"? Go play games at Hangman or visit Kid's Domain Halloween

So you want to know if a movie star is dead or alive? Try Dead People Server


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