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For all the information you need about the best PC video games sites on the web, try GamesDomain and GameClubs

Don't know the rules to a game? Click on Chess, Checkers, Spade and Backgammon in order to learn how to play these game classics!

To play classic boardgames like chess, backgammon or cardgames, try PlaySite or ItsYourTurn

What walks, crawls, dances and squiggles and can morph into anything? Find out what at sodaconstructor

For internet arcade games that require shockwave, try

If you're into pinball, try PinballWizard

Want to play more interactive web games instead? Try Zarf's List of Interactive Games on the Web, and Playlink

To visit game clubs and other gaming forums, try The Realm: Gamer's Domain

Visit the LifeSavers candystand, Oreo Dunk N'Slam, or SnackWells Resort and other delicious online games at NabiscoWorld

Want to find educational games for your pre-schooler? Try FunSchool,
Sesame Street Pre-School Playground, and Seussville Games

If you can fight your way out of a paper bag, surely you can figure out these mazes at The Maze Homepage, The Grey Labyrinth or 3D Mazes in Java

To play bizarre interactive cartoon games daily, Go to YukYuk

Looking for the latest game cheats, downloads and updated software? Search CheatZone

Take up a challenge in trivia, riddles, wordgames and much more at Riddler and

For the latest crossword puzzle, try CrossWord Links and ThirdAge - Universal CrossWord

For online games for kids of all ages, try CyberKids:Fun & Games and KidsDomain

For crosswords, word search, brainteasers and other puzzles, go to and GameSpot's Software Library

For anagrams and other word-play, try Internet Anagram Server and WordPlay

What does your phone number spell? Try PhoneSpell

Are you puzzled yet? Try Puzzle Depot

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