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Where did the word "Easter" come from? What is Easter really all about? Come find out at The Origin of Easter, Easter in CyberSpace, The Easter Page or The Season of Easter

What date does Easter really fall on? Find out at IPS Radio & Space Services, and Easter Dating Method

To read some stories about Easter go to Easter Stories & Articles

To hear the sounds of Easter, try Music & Hymns and Easter Music

For recipes on Easter brunch and meal treats go to EasterRecipes, Holidays: Easter Recipes, The KitchenLink - Easter Recipe Hunt or Easter Meals, Ideas and Recipes

Prepare and eat these delicious Easter sweet-treats at Eggs-delicious Recipes, Virtual Chocolate for Easter, Easter Candy Recipes and JellyBelly

See the different manners and customs people in other countries celebrate Easter at Easter or at Easter Holiday Customs & Traditions Around the World

Learn how to decorate Easter eggs at EggsDecorated, Eggs Around the World, Egg Coloring and Natural Easter Egg Dyes

Click here to find out what the rabbit, the lilly, the chick and eggs all have to do with Easter.

From vintage to contemporary, get an idea of what Easter looks like throughout history at Images of Easter

Need a basket to place your eggs in? See how to make one at Easter Baskets or How to put together a traditional Easter Basket

Heard any good Easter legends lately? Try to Legend of the Dogwood and About the Sanddollar

For tips on knowing how to prepare for and handle leftover Easter meals, go to NSFD:General Food Safety Information

To see an interactive account of the meaning of Easter, go to Interactive Passion History or He is Risen

To hear an interactive account of the meaning of Easter, go to The Ressurection Conflict

Test your knowledge of lilies at Liliales:The true lilies

Eggs are used for more than just eating! Observe the art of the egg at Eggscellent Eggs

For history and information on theatre plays about Easter, try Passion Plays, or PassionPlayUSA, and for drama scripts to Easter Plays and GNMS Drama Materials

Send out Easter greetings at MasterSite Easter eCards

Happy Easter !

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