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Learn all about the beginnings of the Chinese New Year, go to Chinese New Year, the History and Chinese New Year

To learn more about 2005 The year of the Green Chicken, try The Celestial Dragon, Year 2005 Chinese Green Wood Chicken Year

To see how the New Year is celebrated, go to Web Holidays

Chinese to go? Learn more about Chinese New Years food at Traditional New Years Food, Chopstix or Lunar New Year Food

To see how to get involved in some traditional fun, go to Chinese New Year's Treasure Hunt or Lunar New Year Center

For a look at the chinese calendar, try Chinese Lunar Calendar Conversion, Chinese Zodiac in Chinese

Observe the colorful variety of painted Chinese paper-graphics, at Chinese New Year Graphics

To learn more about the traditions of Chinese New Year, go to Discarding the Old, and Heralding the New, Gung Hay Fat Choy!

Go to Chinese New Year Midi for festival celebration songs.

Is lion dancing for you? Find out how at Liondancer and The Lion's Den

For kids activities about the Chinese New Year, go to Dim Sum -Celebrations, Holidays & Customs

To send Chinese New Year cards, go to cards.netease, Happy Chinese New Years Cards, CCC Post Office

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